A Picture Perfect Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Charlotte NC Cosmetic Dental TreatmentsWhen it comes to recreating smiles, Porcelain Veneers continue to be a successful option for a number of cosmetic concerns. As noted by YourSmileBecomesYou, Porcelain Veneers may be designed to cover teeth that are discolored, stained, misshapen or fractured. Additionally, veneers are a good choice for teeth that are positioned incorrectly, as well as teeth that have gaps. Whatever the case, porcelain veneers are a customized aesthetic solution, helping patients obtain the picture perfect smile they desire.

As one can imagine, the adherence of a porcelain veneer to a patient’s natural tooth is important. To ensure that the porcelain shell bonds securely, a small portion of the tooth’s surface must be removed. While this allows room for the veneer to fit comfortably in the mouth, it also enables the veneer to function like the original tooth. Because a special resin is applied between the natural tooth’s surface and the porcelain shell, the appearance of the tooth is bright and brilliant, often looking better than before. The veneer material also resists staining from coffee, tea and even cigarette smoke. Thus, patients needn’t worry about their new smile fading over time.

For those considering the benefits of porcelain veneers, dental professionals emphasize the importance of good oral care and a commitment to regular dental visits. In turn, there are factors that must be considered such as the condition of a patient’s current teeth and gum tissues, as well as patient education on how to properly care for their veneers. As a rule, dentists urge patients to avoid habits such as nail biting, chewing ice or opening bottles with their teeth. In the same way, if individuals grind or clench their teeth, it’s important that they let their dentist know.

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