Composite Fillings: Pros and Cons

Charlotte NC Cosmetic DentistryAs an integral part of restorative dentistry, composite fillings are comprised of tooth-colored materials, making them an appealing choice for many. Yet, as with other filling materials, there are pros and cons.

When it comes to placing fillings, composite resin provides an easy solution for both front teeth and back teeth, without compromising their appearance. Because the resin is bonded chemically to the tooth’s surface and dries in seconds, tooth sensitivity is kept to a minimum. In turn, other methods of support (slots, pins) are not necessary, and repairs can be performed easily. Perhaps the greatest benefit of composite fillings, however, is that up to 95% of a tooth’s strength is preserved. Thus, with a greater emphasis on conservative dentistry, composite resin is useful for closing gaps between teeth and smoothing out the appearance of uneven teeth.

It’s easy to see why composite fillings continue to gain popularity. Yet, for patients considering composite resin for their fillings, there are some cons to take note of. First, as one may assume, composite fillings are more expensive than silver, or amalgam fillings. Additionally, because of their aesthetic appeal, composite fillings are not always covered under dental insurance companies. Thus, patients may expect to pay an out of pocket expense when they choose composite resin for their dental fillings. In turn, the resin is susceptible to wear and tear with heavy exposure to alcohol, and may stain over time when exposed to coffee, tea, or red wine.

As reported by Colgate no one type of dental filling is best for everyone. Several factors must be considered such as the extent of damage or decay to one’s tooth and where the filling material needs to be placed in the mouth.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

At Marvin Village Dentistry, we believe that composite fillings are the gift that keeps on giving. However, we also understand that they are not the proper filling material for every restoration or purpose. Thus, if you are in need of a filling, or if you are interested in composite resin fillings for a cosmetic concern, Dr. Ginger Walford and the team at Marvin Village Dentistry welcome your call today!

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