Contact Sports and Root Fractures

Charlotte NC Urgent Dental CareFor individuals of all ages, participating in sports has become a favorite pastime, creating memories that last a lifetime. Yet, the downside of sports, particularly contact sports, is the risk of a blow to the mouth. In effect, dental professionals regularly see patients with chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. While these are commonly associated with contact sports, there’s one injury that is serious, yet not noticeable—root fracture. Therefore, when it comes to contact sports and the risk of root fractures, dentists want patients to understand that they can protect themselves from this type of injury.

To begin, suppose that you visit your dentist during an emergency visit after taking a hit to the mouth during a baseball game. While the dentist will first examine your teeth for breaks and chips, they will also take x-rays, even if there is not obvious damage. By doing so, dentists can determine if there is a vertical or horizontal root fracture. In the event that there is, the root may need to be removed (root canal). Yet, to avoid this type of injury, the best thing to do is wear a mouth guard.

Without a doubt, mouth guards soften the blow to the mouth, reducing the chance of having a severe dental injury. In turn, it also lessens the chance of injury to the face, tongue, jaw, and lip. Specifically, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that individuals that do not wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to experience a dental-related accident, including a fractured root.

Are All Mouth Guards The Same?

If you’re wondering if all mouth guards are the same, the answer is no. While it’s easy to run to the nearest sports store to buy a ready to wear mouth guard, these are often ill fitting and uncomfortable to wear. In the same way, there are other versions referred to as “boil-and-bite” mouth guards. After they are softened, these mouth guards mold to the shape of teeth. Even so, for the best protection with the most comfort, a mouth guard designed by your dentist is best.

With five-star comprehensive dentistry in Charlotte, Dr. Ginger Walford at Marvin Village Dentistry welcomes your family to our office! While we understand that most everyone will experience a dental emergency at some point, it’s our goal to help equip you with the means to avoid a serious and painful injury, such as a root fracture. If you or someone in your family is participating in a sport this Spring, call us today.

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