Same Day Dentistry

We have listened to our patients and they have told us that same day dentistry is an important service for busy families. When work prevents you from making regular appointments, you can take advantage of a same day appointment for general dental care, cosmetic dentistry or a dental restoration with Marvin Village Dentistry. With reserved slots for same day appointments, active monitoring of cancellations, and a commitment to knowing our customers, we can usually accommodate you on the same day that you contact the office.

Just contact the office in the usual way and we will get to work on creating space for you. Same day appointments are also ideal for patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist, as you can make a spare of the moment decision before you lose your nerve. You won't have to wait, giving you more time to back out. We will have everything ready when you reach the practice, and Dr. Walford will get you the care and treatment that you need.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

We will always explore every option for seeing you on the same day. Our service is tailored to accommodate families, which is why we use the most flexible scheduling processes in Charlotte. We know that you never want to see your children going through pain, so we will go to great lengths to make sure your little one gets treated the same day that you contact us.

Even if it's late in the working day, don't wait before you contact Marvin Village Dentistry. If we can't fit you in that day, we can at least get the wheels in motion and get you in on the next available slot. Patients who have visited us for same day appointments were amazed at how consistently they were treated. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals, so it makes no difference to us whether we have two weeks or two hours to prepare. We will deliver the same, high level of service that you have come to expect from Marvin Village Dentistry.

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