TMJ & TMD Treatment

TMJ is the shortened name for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint where the lower jaw meets the skull. The term is often used to describe any condition that effects the jaw. TMJ pain is usually mild and can be treated by eating soft foods and avoiding excessive jaw movement. However, if the pain and discomfort is persistent or severe, you will need to visit Marvin Village Dentistry for an assessment as part of your general dental care. The assessment will allow Dr. Walford to determine whether there is a serious jaw misalignment.

TMD is disorder of the temporomandibular joint, which causes the sufferer to feel pain and stiffness in the jaw. The condition is treatable in a number of ways. For mild pain and discomfort Dr. Walford can recommend a treatment plan, which you can follow at home. However, for more severe cases you will need treatment in-office. The treatments for the condition vary, depending on how badly the temporomandibular joint is misaligned. Two possible options for treatment are Occlusal (Bite) Adjustment and TMJ implants.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

TMJ conditions are often misdiagnosed – even by dentists – by being attributed to Bruxism. People who suffer from Bruxism tend to grind their teeth, usually at night. Because the condition does not often manifest during waking hours, if the patient presents with jaw pain, a misdiagnosis occurs. The problem with misdiagnosing the two conditions – especially in the case of TMD – is that attempting to realign a healthy jaw will actually cause a TMJ disorder.

At Marvin Village Dentistry, we use the most up to date technology, which allows Dr. Walford to easily differentiate between the two conditions, regardless of outward showing symptoms. We will take an X ray of the jaw and check for misalignment. Additionally, some treatments for TMJ can do further damage. A dentist, such as Dr. Walford, who understands the condition, can ensure that you get the right treatment for TMJ disorders.

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