Dental Implants

Titanium/titanium alloy is the most modern material used to create dental implants. A dental implant is a restorative dental procedure used to replacement for the root of a tooth, which can then be used to affix a replacement (false) tooth. The two main kinds of dental implant are: a threaded implant, to which a tooth is screwed onto; or, a smooth implant where the replacement tooth needs tapped into place. New implants with replacement teeth need time to integrate with the other structures in your mouth, such as your gums and teeth. However, once integration is complete the teeth are strong and durable.

A replacement tooth that is supported by an implant can support the addition of other restorative dental procedures such as dentures, braces and bridges. The implant and tooth will also bond with the gums and bone, much like the original root. That means you will recover full functionality and be able to eat and drink without worrying about food getting stuck in your gums. Dr. Walford will look to replace your missing teeth with implants only if your gums and bone structure are strong enough to support the implant.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Many dentists will use implant dentistry without carrying out a comprehensive exam of your mouth and supporting structures. The advanced technologies that we use at Marvin Village Dentistry allow us to determine whether implants are right for you. Dr. Walford can even predict the strength of potential implants, based on the results of a combination of x-rays, digital and laser imaging. We take great pride in our excellence in digital dentistry and want to ensure that all our patients receive implants before bone structure is compromised and less permanent treatments become the only option. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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