Full & Complete Dentures

Full and complete dentures are a restorative dentistry treatment used when you are missing one or both sets of teeth. However, there are different types of complete dentures. Conventional full dentures are used when teeth are removed, requiring around 12 months to allow the gums to heal; whereas immediate dentures are fitted as soon as the teeth are removed. Although immediate dentures save you the discomfort of having no teeth while your gums heal, when the gums shrink after healing the dentures may not fit comfortably.

Conventional dentures, in most cases, are the more appropriate choice for longevity. However, you can have both if you do not wish to go without teeth but want a denture that you know will fit. Dr. Walford is more than happy to discuss the options for full and complete dentures with you, as we understand that losing all your teeth is a traumatic experience. For any questions you may have, our friendly team is also available to you. Just give Marvin Village Dentistry a call and we will provide any additional information you may need.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture, which is usually removable, is a set of one or more false teeth affixed to a plastic, mouth colored plate. We take an impression of the adjoining teeth and roof of your mouth, so that we can create a custom denture that offers you customer and secure replacement teeth. The purpose of a partial denture is to both replace missing teeth and prevent damage to adjoining teeth, your gums and bone structures that support the teeth.

Partial dentures are easily cleaned, and our team will provide you with helpful information on cleaning and maintenance. Dr. Walford will allow time for you to get used to the partial denture, before calling you in for a follow-up to check that you are comfortable and able to eat and drink without issue. Contact us today to see if full or partial dentures may be right for you.

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